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Mini Central


Little Rosie was used most of her life as a brood mare. When the breeder went out of business, she found herself homeless. This little old lady came to us very ill.  Within a few weeks we discovered that she has Cushing’s Disease.  Rosie lost 14 of her teeth due to a raging, unattended infection. She is currently stable on her meds, and lives on a hay mush and grain diet.  She still gets her treats in the form of carrot juice and apple sauce. She is affectionately called “Rolling Rosie” since that’s her favorite past time.

Lil’ Sebastian

Lil Sebastian was purchased at a horse auction.  No one wanted this little man because his teeth are severely deformed and his owner trimmed his hooves to the quick, which caused him bleeding and lameness.  A halter was left on for so long, it left marks along his face. He loves his girlfriend Rosie, but he is still learning some manners.  Don’t let his beautiful blue eyes fool you.  He rules Mini Central.

Pinto Bean

Pinto Bean was brought to us because his owner wanted him to put him down at the tender age of 4.  Pinto was very ill due to poor hygiene.  He eyes were swollen shut as flies had laid eggs in his lids.  While some lameness issues continue, he is now healthy and happy. He is often found romping in the paddock with big horses.

Natale & Dominique

Natale and Dominique are known as the Italian Christmas Donkeys.  They are mother and daughter minis that were rescued by an angel from a hoarding situation.  Their mom had to give up them up due to moving out of state, so we took them in.  Everyone that comes to the sanctuary knows the donkeys are the first stop, or else you will hear (and hear and hear) about it.


Andiamo Bambina

Andiamo Bambina is the grand dame of Broken Crayons.  She is currently 34 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from running like a filly.  It’s the Arabian in her that caused her to fail as therapeutic riding horse.  She is curious, bright and well mannered.  Here at the Sanctuary she is not stressed, and we celebrate her quirks.

Bella Mia

Bella Mia is our flea bitten quarter horse.  This girl had a series of neglectful owners.  When she came to the sanctuary, she had hooves that hadn’t been attended to in at least a year, a large open sore on her back, heavy bott infestation, wolf teeth causing holes in her mouth and evidence of rope burns on her legs.  She was fed an inappropriate diet of straight alfalfa and sweet feed. Through much gentle coaxing and trust building, Bella now has a comfortable place in the herd. Why she even has a boyfriend!


Buckshot is a leopard appaloosa that has a club foot.  A tendon injury was left untreated and is now a permanent disability.  He loves to be groomed and fussed over.  He thrives on love and attention and will reciprocate in the best of ways.


Buttercup is our pretty girl.  She was left in a field with her filly without any human touch for over three years. Her filly found a happy home elsewhere. Buttercup is the boss mare of the herd here. Through lots of hands on work, Buttercup now accepts pets and praise.  She actually likes to show off.


Desperado (Bella’s boyfriend) is by far one of the happiest horses we have ever had.  He is a handsome paint that will offer a winning smile for a treat.  Desperado is retired as a trick horse.  He can’t perform any longer, so now he entertains everyone on site with his winning personality.


Jigsaw is our beautiful blue-eyed paint. He has retired from an illustrious career as a trick horse.  Due to severe foundering he couldn’t keep up with the show.  He now has a forever home with the sanctuary. Be careful however, because he is known to affectionately wash the face of those too close with his tongue.


Sergeant is a playful mustang.  No one has told him he isn’t a lap dog and personal space is not in his vocabulary.  Sargent had horrible allergies when he arrived here. His hind end was rubbed raw, he was covered in hives from head to tail and his mane was only an inch long from all the itching.  We figured out what he was allergic to, adjusted his diet, and now he is a handsome boy.

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