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Anti-bullying Program

Those kids that have had difficulty with bullying others come to the ranch to practice respect and appreciation all life.  Through experiential work with the animals they learn the true meaning of kindness and empathy.

Walking Mediation Labyrinth

A walking mediation labyrinth ending with the ability to commune with horses in a peaceful environment.

Community Youth Programming

Programing to work with community youth to encourage compassion, accountability, team building and social skills.

Youth Field Trips

Youth field trips to learn about the horses and their care with hands on and metaphorical learning.

Day Camp

Day camp and educational tours for the community.


The DAMARA (Dads and Moms Are Really Aligned) program includes parental visitation site with coaching to help parents and their children reconnect and coaching with caregivers in separate households to learn how to focus on their commonalities and respect their differences when it comes to parenting their children from separate households.

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